Recycling Map – 100% recycling, 0% littering Recycling Map – 100% recycling, 0% littering

For municipalities and collection point operators

As a municipality or a company in charge of several collection points, you have the possibility to group them in the form of a list and to save or print them in a PDF format, displaying each collection point including all the relevant information on one A4 page.

We would also kindly ask you to use this opportunity to check the information on your collection points and to notify us in case you wish to change details on one or more of your collection points. On each collection point page in your PDF document, you will find a link which will, once you click on it, open a form where you can enter the modifications for your collection point. Simply submit the completed form to us and we will do the rest. Alternatively, you can also submit your modification request by fax to +41 (0) 44 387 50 11.

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Please note

Found collection points are listed below the form. You can either select all (by clicking on the appropriate link) or activate a single collection point by clicking on the desired row. Eventually, the selected collection points can be exported in a PDF.