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What is collected?

• Demolition material, rubble (containing stone); grit; waste glass (flat glass/panes); car glass; car windscreens; bricks; rubble (containing stone); building rubble (containing stone); glass parts; concrete; picture glass; leaded glass; lead glazing; flower boxes made of fibre cement/clay; flower bowls/pots made of clay; expanded clay (hydro clay pellets); cement floor slabs; skylight window glass; roof tiles; wired glass; glass shower cabins; plaster insulation boards; earth; fibre cement; window glass; window panes; flat glass; Flumroc insulation mats; front windscreens; dishes made of porcelain/ceramic/clay/stoneware; plaster; plasterboard; glass (fireproof); glass (flat); glass panes; glass wool; landfill refuse; hydro pellets (expanded clay); insulation glass; limestone; ceramics; gravel; empty glass cosmetics bottles; crystal glass; lamp glass; ceramic lavabos; lava stones; Leca (hydro pellets); loam; Luwasa clay balls; masonry; mineral wool; mixed demolition rubble; mortar; natural stone products; opal glass; cobble stones; cement slabs; ceramic tiles; porcelain crockery; porcelain shards; quartz/quartz glass; cement pipes; sand; fire bricks; glass panes; safety glass; mirrors; mirror glass; gravel; stones (building rubble); stoneware; stone tiles; stone wool; stoneware; toilet bowls; clay balls (expanded clay); earthenware; pottery; vases made of glass/ ceramics/porcelain/clay; compound glass; plaster work; stained glass panels, glass; ceramic washbasins; WC bowls; windscreens; cement; clay bricks.

Important to know

Not all collection points accept all landfill refuse types.

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