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What is collected?

• Small and large household appliances, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, electric and electronic toys, building, garden and hobby equipment, lamps and bulbs, as well as sport and fitness equipment. www.erecycling.ch…

What is not collected?

• Equipment packaging material, deep-fryers with frying oil, refuse in refrigerators, light bulbs, fuse boxes with fuses, switchboards, light switches, plug sockets, loose toner/ink cartridges (manufacturers’ own return system).

Important to know

Electric and electronic equipment can be returned free of charge wherever it is sold. Dealers have a legal obligation to accept returned equipment, while consumers are legally obliged to return it. There are 2 recycling organizations: swico-recycling.ch for office and entertainment electronics and www.erecycling.ch for household appliances /// For light bulbs: disposal possible in building skips or in refuse bags.

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