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What is collected?

• Demolition wood; demolition material made of wood/plastic; children’s car seats; plastic bath tubs; beds, wooden/plastic parts; plastic flower boxes; floor coverings/tiles made of wood/plastic/cork; boards; ironing boards, wooden/plastic parts; camping furniture made of wood/plastic; couches; skylight windows, wooden/plastic parts; roofing felt; plastic roof gutters; insulation boards made of wood/plastic; ceiling boards; plastic shower cabins; plastic shower basins; empty barrels made of wood/plastic; feather bedding; window frames made of wood/plastic; window shutters made of wood/plastic; garden furniture made of wood/plastic; garden gates made of wood; garden fences made of wood; wooden/plastic housings; bottle crates made of wood/plastic; wood; wooden furniture; wooden pallets; wooden palisades; inline skates; insulation mats; window blinds made of wood/plastic; refuse containers made of plastic; kickboards; cots with mattresses; wooden/plastic crates; small pieces of furniture made of wood/plastic; cork mats; suitcases; slatted couches; plastic coverings; plastic pipes; plastic tables; plastic chairs; louvre blinds made of plastic; vertical blinds made of plastic; plastic washbowls; loungers with wooden/plastic parts; deckchairs with wooden/plastic parts; linoleum; mattresses; furniture, small items of furniture made of wood/plastic; wooden pallets; wooden palisades; parquet flooring; Pavatex wood fibre board; upholstered furniture and armchairs; wooden/plastic frames; artificial lawn (plastic); plastic pipes; roller shutters made of wood/plastic; roller boards; rollerblades; wooden/plastic sledges; cabinets made of wood/plastic; skateboards; skis; ski sticks; snowboards; wooden skirting boards; sofas; solar panels; wooden/plastic sunshades; chipboard; plastic cisterns; wooden/plastic venetian blinds; wooden/plastic chairs; surfboards; wallpaper; carpets; steps made of wood/plastic; wooden doors; plastic tubs; plastic wash basins; WC cisterns; corrugated plastic sheeting; wall units; baskets; wooden fences; tents without poles

Important to know

Not all collection points can accept all types of bulky items. Combustible waste only; Large, screwed on metal parts must be removed in advance.

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