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What is collected?

Drinks cans, pet food dishes, foodstuff tubes (--> see ‘Important to know’), meal trays, films and foils, smaller aluminium parts and all other packaging materials with the Alu-Recycling mark.

What is not collected?

Composite packaging, such as soup and instant potato sachets, butter papers with plastic-coated aluminium films and spray cans.

Important to know

Aluminium tubes for mustard, mayonnaise etc. must be placed in the aluminium collection containers, even if they still have plastic lids and are not completely empty. Depending on the collection system, they must be collected together with or separately from sheet steel and tinplate packaging. Spray cans: Disposal possible as special waste or in refuse bags.

Why should I collect?

Aluminium Recycling saves around 95% of the energy compared to the primary production process. Aluminium can be recycled again and again.

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